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gettin’ real tired of skinny folks who feel it’s their fucking god given duty to comment on pictures of fat people living their lives, art of fat people, and shit that is meant to empower us to talk about “yeah it’s great that you love yourself, but you’re unhealthy and you’re going to die”

like rlly

what is the point of this

you do realize you’re saying nothing new, right? like, does it enrage you just that much that us fatties are living our lives, and trying to enjoy them? why does that make you so angry and desperate to cut us down? how dare we enjoy our bodies, how dare we like ourselves, how dare we not cower in the face of your thinness, am i right

and you know it, too

you know that we’ve heard this all our lives, you know that we hear this when we go out, when we stay home, when we read magazines, when we watch television

but it’s just too much for you that we’re not fucking miserable

so you see that happiness

that search for self confidence

and you reblog that post to comment on how we’re going to die, and make vague health threats that rely entirely on bullshit that’s already been dis-proven

and you pretend you’re not being cruel (you are) by faking concern about a body you will never see irl, a body that isn’t your business

and it is fake concern, don’t you dare tell me it’s not. you don’t know my medical history, you don’t know what i eat, when i exercise, or how i spend my time

but you see my fat body

and you automatically feel the need to threaten me into silence and self hate again? for someone who supposedly cares about my “health” you certainly seem to want to do a lot of damage to me

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This is my list of Ultimate Twist-outs. To me it’s all about definition. I had a horrible time with twist-outs and I always assumed it was because my hair is 4C so I don’t have curls so much as puffs. Finally, I figured you a twistout that was defined and worked for me even on humid days. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TWISTOUT METHOD FOR MY4C HAIR

~Tamara McDaniel
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So perfect.


This post just gave me so much life!

too perfect not to reblog!

I gave up on twist outs cause they never look like this. So beautiful!!!

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Feminists fight against oppression of women, but that can’t be all we’re fighting against. If we’re truly fighting against the oppression of all women (as we should be), we are also fighting against the oppression of all people. Why? Because many women aren’t white, so we have to fight against racism in order to fight for them. Because many women are disabled, so we have to fight against ableism in order to fight for them. Because many women are poor, queer, trans*, or fat, and in order to fight for them, we have to fight against all of their oppressions (and by extension, as said oppressions apply to everyone, including men and people outside the gender binary, of course). When people say they aren’t feminists because they believe in equality for everyone, I just figure they have a different definition of feminism than I do. By my definition, a real feminist has to fight for equality for everyone.

Fabulously Fat Fridays: Fat & Feminism, or Why Intersectionality Matters

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Women of color in america have grown up within a symphony of anger, at being silenced, at being unchosen, at knowing that when we survive, it is in spite of a world that takes for granted our lack of humanness, and which hates our very existence outside of its service. And I say symphony rather than cacophony because we have had to learn to orchestrate those furies so that they do not tear us apart. We have had to learn to move through them and use them for strength and force and insight within our daily lives. Those of us who did not learn this difficult lesson did not survive. And part of my anger is always libation for my fallen sisters.
—Audre Lorde, “Uses of Anger” (via queenpoetic)

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